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Review of our cd “Al alba venid” in the quarterly magazine of the Lute Society of America

” This Cd from a young duo is a slender offering of nine songs for soprano and veinal by Diego Pisador, Luys Milán, Esteban Daza, Antonio de Ribera, Luys narvaez and the Cancionero de Palacio. For those devoted to this repertoire, this CD is very much worth having. Brieba and Viñas, who are based in Valencia, bring youthful energy, a very Hispanic feeling, and a lot of panache to their performances. In particular, Paula Brieba’s vihuela accompaniments, and her tasteful ornamentation, will give vihuelists everywhere a model of how to do it.

The CD is especially well recorded, and does justice to Julieta Viña’s warm soprano and the brightness of Brieba’s vihuela (by the Spanish luthier Julio Castaños Soler)…”

Michael Stover


Crítica Lute society of America

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