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  • Dolce Rima is music and word.

    Formed in 2009, the duo Dolce Rima consists of two musicians from Valencia (Spain) whose paths crossed in Seville. Both attracted by the cultural upheaval of the considered “capital of Ancient Music” in Spain.

    Particularly interested in the conjunction of poetic and musical repertoire, the duo focuses on the Spanish Renaissance and the Italian Seicento, thus making a double approach (literary and musical) to the culture of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

    At present, Dolce Rima is a group of variable formation with a lot of collaborators according to the needs of the approached program, as the project “Dulce memoria” concerning Antonio Cabezón’s “glosados” in recorder, soprano and vihuela version, or the project “Divino Ardor”, a cycle of religious Hispanic Cantatas for two sopranos and continuo for liturgical times of the 18th century which principal engine is the recovery of musical Spanish heritage.

    The ensemble has offered numerous concerts for the whole Spanish geography, in important festivals of early music like in in the University of Valencia, the Early Music Festival of Peñíscola in 2012, the Early Music Festival of Alarcos (Ciudad Real 2013 and 2016), Early Music Festival of Aracena, Early Music Festival of Casalarreina 2016 or the Festival internacional de Artes Sacro de Madrid 2016.

    They collaborate with the company Engranajes Culturales (Seville) in the gestation and development of creative cultural projects.

    Among its other works, is emphasized the selection and interpretation of music for the soundtrack of the shortfilm “Anima” by the Cuban film-maker Bebé Perez and their colaboration in the advertisment of “Scriptorium”, an exclusive manuscripts publishing house.

    In 2013 they recorded an album of Renaissance music for voice and vihuela, “Al alba venid” distributed by Gadgad music obtaining a great reception between the critique. Is necessary to emphasize the review realized in The Lute’s magazine Society of America for Michael Stover.

    Dolce Rima has been a finalist in the I Edición of the GEMA awards in the Youn category Group 2014 and winner of the Young category Group 2015 in the 2nd Edition of the GEMA awards in June, 2016.

    Dolce Rima tries to rescue pages of the past stamping on his interpretation the life and feelings of the present, to come to a real connection with the spectator, so when this happens, the group feels that the realized work has been worth it.


  • Began her musical studies at the Music School of CIM Benimaclet, Valencia (Spain) and continues in the Conservatory of Music in Valencia (Spain) where she obtained the professional title in Voice and Cello. At the same time, she obtained a degree in Spanish Philology from the University of Valencia. Her interest in early music led her to move to Seville (Spain) to continue her historical singing studies with Claudine Ansermet and start the specialties of Lyric Singing and Viola da Gamba in the Conservatory of Music “Manuel Castillo” in Seville, with teachers Rosa María de Alba and Ventura Rico, respectively.

    Since 2009 she has been part of “Ottava Rima”, a group specializing in early baroque music and directed by Alonso Salas, and colaborated with “Aquitania”, specializing in medieval music of three cultures.

    She has taken courses in Viola da Gamba with Fahmi Alqhai, Juan Manuel Quintana and Rodney Prada, and Singing with The Scholars of Oxford, Cristina Miatello, Margit Jeremias, Jose Hernandez, Ana Huete, Richard Levitt, David Mason, Robert Expert, Achim Schulz, Lambert Climent, Gabriel Garrido, Adriana Fernandez, Andrea Büchel and Ryszard Ciesla.

    Along with her partner Paula Brieba del Rincón, she has been responsible for selecting and interpreting the music for the soundtrack of the short film “Anima” by Cuban film-maker Bebé Pérez.

    Their participation in concerts and festivals, such as the Festival of Spanish Music of Cadiz 2011, the “Muestra de Música Antigua Castillo de Aracena 2011”, Internactional Festival “Música i Art” of Picanya (Valencia) 2011 and 2012, the “Ciclo Música Antigua” at the University of Valencia 2012, FEMAS (Festival of Early Music International, Seville) in 2011 and 2012 and the “XVII International Early Music Festival” of Peñíscola (Valencia) 2012, is noteworthy.

  • Began studying guitar at the Professional Conservatory of Music of Valencia and graduated at the Conservatorio Superior de Musica “Joaquin Rodrigo” of Valencia (Spain) under the tutelage of Jose Lazaro Villena. Interested in early music, she began to study the vihuela with Andreas Martin in Barcelona. Later she left for Seville to study Plucked Instruments of the Renaissance and Baroque with Juan Carlos Rivera, where she is currently completing the Advanced Level in the Conservatory of Music “Manuel Castillo”.

    She has attended numerous courses with Hopkinson Smith, Jordi Savall, Xavi Diaz- Latorre, J. M. Nieto, Ariel Abramovich, Rolf Lislevand, Lambert Climent, Jose Hernandez, Ronaldo Lopez, Hugo Sanches, Eduardo Egüez, Gabriel Garrido, Vincent Dumestre and Eugene Ferré.

    She is a member of various groups, such as  “Antiqvart” of Valencia, specializing in the Spanish Renaissance polyphony; “Ottava Rima”, dedicated to the early Baroque, conducted by Alonso Salas (Sevilla), the trio “La Terza Lacrima”, formed with the mezzosoprano Minerva Moliner and soprano Carmen Bou. Along with her partner Julieta Viñas Arjona, she has been responsible for selecting and interpreting the music for the soundtrack of the film “Anima” by Cuban film-maker Bebé Pérez.

    Her participation in festivals, such as the “Festival of Spanish Music of Cadiz 2001”, the “Conference of Renaissanceand Baroque Music Arias Montano in Alájar (Huelva) 2009, in “Muestra de Música Antigua Castillo de Aracena 2011, the “Ciclo Música Antiga” at the University of Valencia, Internactional Festival “Música i Art” of Picanya (Valencia) 2011 and 2012, in FEMAS (International Early Music Festival of Seville) in 2011 and 2012 and XVII International Early Music Festival of Peñíscola (Valencia) 2012, the activity “Pilatos, los placeres de la Ópera” (Fundación Casa Ducal de Medinaceli, marzo a junio de 2013, Sevilla), las X Jornadas Medievales de Alanís de la Sierra (Sevilla), The Festival de Música Antigua y Medieval de Alarcos (Ciudad Real, 2013), los “Paseos Musicales en las Noches de Itálica (Conjunto Arqueológico de Itálica, agosto y septiembre de 2013, Santiponce, Sevilla),

    musical visit to the Monasterio de San Isidoro del Campo (diciembre de 2013, Santiponce, Sevilla), the “Recital de Música Renacentista y Barroca” en la Iglesia de las Mercedarias de Madrid (Sociedad “Aeterna Música”, diciembre de 2013, Madrid), in lI Ciclo “Cita con las Músicas” del Centro Cultural Cajasol (Sevilla), or “Concerts a la Bene” del Centre Cultural La Beneficència de la Diputación de Valencia in 2014 is noteworthy.